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What do you know about Stuttgart “Rock City”, Germany?
Well, expensive cars, high class machinery, the famous and delicious Spätzle (a tasty kind of noodle) and mainstream German Hip Hop. That was yesterday. BANG!

Time Warp:
The musical apocalypse left the music industry across the globe in ruins. The Boogieman himself puked the four chosen ones back into the ruins of Stuttgart Rock City. Their mission: HELLDORADOS – Sleaze Metal to the MAX!

The hit potential of a catchy ABBA tune runs through the sleazy Guns N' Roses ear canal and damages your brain with Pantera brutality - that's the Helldorados.

“We always liked those two kinds of music. The melodies, the slickness and the sleaze of hard rock bands as well as the heaviness and the drive of metal Bands”, Pierre (vocals), Steve (guitars), Gunnar (bass) and Chris (drums) explain.

With their debut release „Just Rock“ in 2008, 500 copies sold by themselves and the Wolle Kriwanek award for “Best Performance” the first step was done. About 100 concerts and support shows for bands like Bullet, Enforcer, Rhino Bucket, Bloodlights or Die Happy and a loyal fanbase followed as same as a gala performance at the famous Bregenzer Seebühne for the European Soccer Cup. Appreciative Helldorados agreed to a partnership with a local brewery, tattoos and of course fine women. They thought, they are ready for the new millennium. How wrong!

“I really wanted to create something different to the musical  irrelevance and the swabian snugness”, explains vocalist and front man Pierre. “However I always had to deal with cast chances. Emotionally I’ve been through hell and I’ll never go back.”

Gunnar met Pierre through an add in a local magazine. Right at their first meeting in early 2007 something magical was in the room. The first guitar riffs stuck to the long blond bass player. He wasn’t speaking very much.

“To me Gunnar seemed like a shy and quiet guy”, Pierre remembers. “He never opened his mouth. It took me two long years to look behind his mask. Gunnar has been through the same shit with band member changes, as I have. Only worse. He never talked about it.”

Helldorados released their debut album close to New Year’s 2007/2008, simply titled it „Just Rock“ and built up a fan base over the next two years. Musically they took some parts of early Guns N’ Roses or Rose Tattoo. Uncle Sally*s magazine wrote: „The cuddly AC/DC breathing rocker attitude feels right...“

The “Just Rock” Tour stopped in every goddamn tiny club and the explosive live show inspired hard rock fans as well as heavy metal lovers. The German Soundcheck magazine says: “Helldorados are not only convincing on their album but especially through their awesome live performance…”

The shows were just brilliant, because there were girls in front of the stage as well as the typical longhaired metal heads. “It was pure adrenalin”, adds Gunnar.

At the beginning of 2009 the club concerts and the massive partying paid their dues. After a summer festival the band had one of their well-known arguments after their guitarist had gotten out of control, tearing the tour bus apart. The fighting lasted for weeks. Way too much for drummer Oli, who eventually left band.

“It was like hell”, comments Pierre. ”Nobody wanted to do anything more for the band and every try to go back to rehearsal, writing new songs and finding a new drummer, we were back fighting again.” Something had to change.

Back in Stuttgart the guitarist was fired and Gunnar and Pierre took a timeout. Quitting the band wasn’t an option and so the two made a deal with the devil. All or nothing. From now on only musicians with the same working attitude were allowed to become a full Helldorados member.

Pierre: “I finally felt free and was shooting all of my positive thoughts into the universe. What did I have to lose? Nothing, so I got it all back double time. One month later Steve and Chris knocked on my door. I knew right away that the Boogieman himself had given us another chance”.

Chris and Steve have known each other since they were kids. They played in thrash metal, hard rock and top 40 bands - but never in the same band together. Just like Pierre’s and Gunnar’s situation, Chris and Steve were disappointed about the weak working attitude of other band members way to often.

“I have about 20 guitars at home and have played that instrument since I was little”, says Steve. “The Helldorados vision, their idea of the right Helldorados sound and the working style were exactly what I was looking for. It was the chance to realize my dream.”

The circle was finally closed. All four knew that a monster was born. Encounters with the devils of the music industry and ignorant reporters didn’t slow the boys from Stuttgart down. Cutting-edge combining the musical hooks, power and glam in a final step Helldorados worked together with producer Mirko Hofmann and godfather Frank Bornemann in the legendary Horus Sound Studios in Hannover (Scorpions, Kreator, Helloween, Victory or Guano Apes), to record a 4 songs strong self-titled promotion E.P. in 2011. With the outstanding result Helldorados found their partners and are ready for the new millennium. Their debut album, simply called "Helldorados" was released worldwide via Massacre Records on July, 13th 2012. The Helldorados sound to move to, words that speak, and looks that heroes are made of remains resolute. Out of the ruins of Stuttgart come the Helldorados. Their mission: Sleaze Metal to the MAX! So dust off, open up your eyes and now scream until you like it!